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A LEED certified building is a great accomplishment and can be one of the first elements in striving towards a broader Corporate Sustainability Report. Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) wants to help you take your reporting to the next level and align with the internationally recognized GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines to ensure a comprehensive approach.

Our Specialty Services

Sustainability will always be a moving target. SIG places an emphasis on professional development and continuing education among its employees to stay on top of all of industry trends, emerging technologies, and shifting policies. Outside of any rating system or guideline, our mission remains solid, “Improving the built environment to inspire stewardship of the natural environment.” The leaders at SIG believe an essential component of continuous improvement is research and innovation. That’s why all of our consulting managers are independently developing ‘passion projects’ specific to their personal inspiration. We regularly cross-pollinate our research with our in-house lunch-and-learns to learn from within and stay on top of current trends and breakthroughs.

Green Leaders

All of our project managers keep their professional credentials maintained with continuing education in the latest sustainability trends and topics. When we get excited by a new technique to use resources more efficiently, or improve indoor environments, we want to share it with the world. SIG keeps you informed on the latest environmental technologies, eco-friendly solutions, and green initiatives in our blog and other social media. Be sure to follow us for green living inspiration and green building project highlights by signing up for our monthly newsletter below with your email. Rest assured— we won’t sell your information or spam your inbox.

Please contact Asa Posner with any green building questions or needs you have at: asa@sigearth.com or (612) 567-2019.

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For more information about our services, or if you would like to schedule a LEED Exam Prep Class, please contact Asa Posner

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