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SIG is pleased to introduce our newest department and service offerings to guide your success in financing decarbonization! With over 20 years of commercial real estate and green financing experience, across hundreds of projects, we help you find the financial solutions to achieve your climate and sustainability goals. The good news is that there have NEVER BEEN MORE TOOLS! With the 2023 deployment of the Inflation Reduction Act across asset classes, established programs like Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing for energy efficiency and renewables, and literally billions of dollars flowing through multiple federal departments, private, public, non-profit and tax-exempt real estate owners are leaving money on the table if they don’t leverage these resources.

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Net Zero Proforma & Portfolio Analysis
In conjunction with our Decarbonization team, we not only identify how to reach Net Zero, what it will cost, and what you can save, but we can also create a financing road map to Net Zero at the project, asset and portfolio level. We can help develop your financial Net Zero Goals, Metrics & Success Measures, we will research and analyze federal, state, and local incentives and financing options, and provide a customized Green Financing Applicability Matrix, to make sure you don’t miss any green financing opportunities.

From there we can recommend appropriate green design criteria to maximize your benefits and work with your project team to provide cost estimates matched with the appropriate financial strategies, resulting in a high-level Green Financing Feasibility Snapshot.

To maximize the Green Valuation strategies uncovered through the above, we will provide a Net Zero Sources & Uses and Net Zero Proforma, including a Net Zero Cash Flow and After-Tax Discounted Cash Flow Valuation study. With these tools in hand your tax professionals will have an actionable road map to maximize the potential of the Inflation Reduction Act to bring your Net Zero goals to reality.

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Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) & Carbon Offsets
With full teams at SIG centered on energy audits, energy modelling, engineering, commissioning (and retro-commissioning), we understand that even once you have completed all the right Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) and installed all possible on-site renewables, you still may have a gap to your climate and carbon emissions goals. That’s why we have partnered with the largest supplier of environmental commodities (RECs & offsets) in the world to get you the best pricing possible to complete your journey to Net Zero.

At SIG, we envision a future where financial success and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. Together, we can navigate this complex journey towards Net Zero, unlocking value creation and creating a sustainable, resilient future for your business. Connect with us to start shaping your path to greener, smarter, and more responsible investments.

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