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AETOS Imaging is devoted to creating new and interactive ways to market projects. The organization has created a captivating visual experience to tell the story of your building. AETOS imagining curates visual walkthroughs with guided narration to highlight building features. Additionally, the company offers digital staging to help visualize the project to its fullest potential. AETOS provides a convenient all-in-one platform that documents, prepares, educates, and tracks the whole building. Included features: enforced on-site training, revolutionary building maintenance, and in-depth documentation to save you time and money. AETOS Imaging strives to transform the way buildings are sold and is committed to marketing your projects successfully.

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Blue Ocean Sustainability

Blue Ocean Sustainability is passionate about innovation in the green building industry. The organization worked relentlessly for 15 years developing new software–that has been branded the future of sustainable construction–called True Carbon. True Carbon tracks, construction site energy use, waste generation and disposal practices, and water use. This software gives helpful metrics for analyzing your construction site sustainability rate and offers ways to improve practices throughout the process. The company’s goal is to help make tracking your carbon footprint a breeze and streamline portfolio certifications. Blue Ocean Sustainability is devoted to generating more sustainable solutions and curating a better tomorrow.

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GBES is committed to educating individuals and offers vital skill sets and certifications to succeed in the industry. The organization is the #1 provider of LEED exam preparation in the world. GBES has helped over 150,000 professionals and is devoted to delivering well-developed courses that help keep you and your workforce up to date. The company contains the largest USGBC authorized catalog of WELL, LEED, and AIA training. GBES strives to provide quality education and deliver valuable knowledge to help advance your career in the industry.

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