Waste Audits

As a building owner or property manager it is important to understand and know how your building is performing with its waste and recycling, especially as it can have both economic and environmental implications. The best way to gather this information is through a LEED compliant waste audit, which Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) provides for MRC credit 6. By conducting a LEED compliant Waste Stream Audit, SIG helps properties identify opportunities to reduce waste and increase diversion by discovering exactly what your tenants are throwing away and how they are doing it. This can lead to a reduction in recycling contamination and increased financial savings for the property. Waste2Zero, SIG’s waste audit partner, produces a detailed report of a building’s waste and recycling and provides a Building Diversion Report. We collect, separate, and analyze the exact amount of waste a building is producing and sort the different types of waste that are moving through the building. Additionally, we are able to determine and provide the amount of contamination that was placed into the recycling stream. While most companies simply collect the building’s waste as a whole, Waste2Zero goes above and beyond to offer a floor by floor breakdown of each floor’s individual diversion rate for property managers and building owners to use. This is valuable for property management as there is an opportunity to correct poor recycling habits or celebrate great recycling tenants, while management has the chance to have evidence-based discussions with individual tenants on what they ar
e doing well and what can be improved. Whether you just want a better understanding of waste management in your building or an opportunity for your building to engage in more sustainable practices, SIG’s LEED compliant Waste Stream Audit is a helpful 
tool to have. 

Recent Waste Audits by SIG

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San Francisco, CA

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