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Air Quality Services

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Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) understands the importance of good air quality in relation to human health. It’s important to check the air before occupancy, as well as test existing systems during operations. SIG has experience at every phase of your building’s lifetime, and our goal is healthier indoor environments for everyone. You can breathe a breath of fresh air because we provide IAQ air quality testing nationwide.

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Post Construction

LEED offers two options of ensuring air quality after construction or renovation activities: flush-out or air sampling. Most people don’t have the time to flush out their spaces with 100% outdoor air. Moreover, if you used low-voc products, there may not be a high concentrations of contaminants lingering inside your building. The fastest path to earning credit for post-construction indoor air quality is air sampling. We bring all the equipment to sample in a few spaces and tell you exactly what the levels of formaldehyde and TVOCs are present in your newly constructed space.

ASHRAE Compliance

One credit that is often misunderstood is the Indoor Environmental Quality Prerequisite for Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance. In short, the project team must identify critical zones and verify that ASHRAE standard minimums are met for outdoor air delivery. The long story is that the project team must measure actual airflow, and test and balance the entire HVAC system. This is beyond the scope of most project team’s capabilities. Rather than hire multiple sub-consultants, look to the team who can handle it all in-house; SIG.

Things can get complicated quickly with multi-zone recirculating system, mixed-mode systems, and zones that don’t meet the standard. But that doesn’t scare us. SIG earned proven provider status from the USGBC because we consistently document this credit with clarity and accuracy. When you partner with us, you can feel confident that we’ve been there, done that, and know the best solutions to get around any obstacles.

If you are in need of Air Quality testing or services, please contact Nick Kassanis at 404.343.3835.

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