Using Green Walls to Grow Your Brand

A company’s brand is the visible expression of who they are.

Brands need to be strong, unique and engineered to correctly portray the organization and its values, services and heart. Growing your brand by adding a living green wall to your company’s headquarters promotes the ideas of sustainability and humanity.

The addition of a living green wall to a building sends a message to visitors and staff alike that the company is concerned about the world’s future and the well-being of anyone who comes into the building. Incorporating soft and living sculptures into a reception area adds a layer of compassion to the company’s brand. Employees appreciate efforts to provide better air quality through living design elements. Visitors instantly feel welcomed and comforted by a beautiful plant arrangement and intrigued at the same time.

Living walls engender curiosity about how they are constructed and maintained. They are a blend of both ancient and modern technologies. For centuries plants have been used to refresh, rejuvenate and restore individuals to a sense of well-being. Marrying this old-school use of plants to the modern technology of growing them in a vertical structure that provides all the food, water, light and space they need silently communicates a company’s ties to the strengths of the past while reaching to the successes of the future. This is a critical infusion of depth to any brand.

An example of what a living green wall can add to your corporate interior. Photo credit: Plants Forever, Inc., Atlanta, GA

A sample of what a living green wall can add to your interior.

Besides adding warmth and life to an office, living green walls can also add humor and joy. Changing out plants to reflect seasons or periodically adding tasteful yet whimsical additions keeps the display from becoming staid. Changing up the wall garden so it stays visually fresh also grows a company’s brand by reflecting a playful and compassionate side to the organization.

Living green walls are the perfect outward expression of a commitment to sustainability and a desire to partner with the world toward a secure future. In many cases a company’s efforts towards improving and protecting the environment are hidden from the public eye. Clients often don’t appreciate a company’s efforts to build or retrofit an existing structure with green technology because it’s simply not a visible part of the organization. The incorporation of living walls is an excellent way to make that commitment tangible to everyone.

Growing your brand doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or time consuming. It’s often the little things that have the most impact on the public’s perception of an organization. A living green wall is easily incorporated into an office to clean the air, engender a connection to nature and strengthen the appreciation of a brand all while adding beauty with its simple presence.

Visit Plants Forever Inc. for more information about building your own green wall.

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