SIG’s View From The Treetop


Our new masthead for our e-newsletter titled ‘A View From The Treetop’ was the winner of our survey in March for a couple of reasons. The number one reason is because the SIG headquarters in Atlanta, a LEED Platinum space, offers a true Bird’s Eye view of the surrounding Atlanta skylines.

Walking up the stairs to the 11th floor open-concept, penthouse space you truly do get ‘A View From The Treetop’ three sides of this office are made up of large windows some of which are floor to ceiling.  When you look out to the right there is a wonderful view of the Buckhead skyline, the tallest building being the beautifully designed 3344 Peachtree building also known as The Sovereign building (we’re pursuing LEED EBO&M certification with Parkway Properties). You can also see the Midtown, Atlantic Station, and downtown skylines. Move a little forward from that spot and look diagonally right you see Stone Mountain in between two nearby high rise buildings.

Looking out of SIG's top floor office in an eastern direction you can see Stone Mountain as well as the Perimeter Area skyline.
Looking out of SIG’s top floor office in an eastern direction you can see Stone Mountain as well as the Perimeter Area skyline.

Next look a little left and you can see the Perimeter area skyline, and then look a little left of that and you see the well-known King and Queen landmark buildings at The Concourse. Look down from there and see the bustling traffic moving along I-285. Look a little farther left and there is Park Towers, a high rise condo and apartment development. Keep turning to the left almost all the way around and there in the distance is Kennesaw Mountain.

Being on the 11th floor, we are also above the tree canopy so along with our panoramic view of buildings, there is also a wonderful blanket of green trees everywhere filling in between the buildings, roads, and homes. SIG does a lot of work in New York City and we consider our tree canopy like ‘The Central Park’ of Atlanta.

We are located in One Premier Plaza which is part of a two-building LEED EB Gold Ackerman office complex on Johnson Ferry Road in Sandy Springs, GA. If you are ever in the area, you are invited to stop by and take a tour of our office; we may even challenge you to a game of foosball!