Meet LEED v5 O+M: Our Next Step in Green Building

By Greg Patton – Associate Director of Sustainability

Sustainable Investment Group (SIG)

photo of the interior of a modern office buildingExciting news – there’s a new kid on the block in Green Building: LEED v5 for Operations and Maintenance (O+M)! It’s a fresh way of looking at how our buildings can be friendlier to the earth and to all of us living on it.

What’s New with LEED v5 O+M?

At the annual gathering of green building professionals this year in DC, CEO of the USGBC, Peter Templeton, announced that the initial rollout of LEED v5 would happen “where it matters most: the existing building segment.” Peter highlighted the opportunity existing buildings represent for the biggest impacts towards better buildings globally. 

Less Carbon, More Care for Our Planet

LEED v5 O+M is taking a big step in reducing carbon. That means buildings that use less energy and are super-efficient. Imagine a building that’s smart about energy, using just what it needs and no more. That’s the magic of LEED v5 O+M – it’s all about smart buildings that are as good to live and work in as they are for the planet.

Healthier Buildings, Happier People

Now, more than ever, the air we breathe indoors matters. LEED v5 O+M introduces new ways to constantly check and improve air quality. So, every breath you take indoors is fresh, clean, and healthy. Buildings will not just be places to be but spaces where you feel your best, with cleaner air and more comfortable living spaces.

Everyone Deserves Great Spaces

LEED v5 O+M believes in spaces that are great for everyone. It focuses on fairness and making sure all communities, rich or poor, get to experience the benefits of green living. It’s all about knocking down barriers and making green, clean, and safe buildings accessible for every person.

Ready for Anything

Our world is full of surprises. LEED v5 O+M is like a trusty shield, helping buildings stay strong against all sorts of weather, from scorching heat to chilling cold. It means spaces that are not just built to last but are ready to adapt and change according to the needs of the moment, ensuring a safe haven no matter what nature throws our way.

How SIG Has Got Your Back

LEED logo grayscaleWondering what this all means for you? No worries, SIG is here to guide you every step of the way. We’re your friendly neighborhood experts, armed with the tools and know-how to make the transition to LEED v5 O+M a breeze.

We’re all about turning those challenges into golden opportunities, making sure your building isn’t just up-to-date but a standout star in green and clean living. Got questions? We’ve got answers. Need a plan? We’re your strategy gurus.

So let’s sit down, coffee in hand, and chat about the bright future LEED v5 O+M is unfolding for your building. With SIG, it’s not just about keeping up – it’s about leaping forward and leading the way in the green building revolution!

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