Living Green Walls Add a Delightful Touch of Nature

Interior living green wall adds a touch of nature
This interior living green wall brings a touch of nature inside.

Architects and designers create projects that utilize the benefits of living green walls.

Today’s architectural world is seeing a rise in the use of green roofs on many different types of buildings. The benefits are numerous and include: water diversion, storm water management, combating the urban heat island effect, improved air quality, energy efficiency, fire suppression, and noise reduction. These advantages are great when used on the roof of a building but many designers miss an opportunity when it comes to using plants on a vertical surface.

This type of garden is called a living green wall. The living green wall offers similar benefits to the green roof. It is aesthetically pleasing, adds building protection, produces energy savings, dampens noise pollution, and helps purify air. Many people confuse the green wall with a green facade (e.g. vine covered walls), but this is not the case. It is defined as being a self-sufficient vertical garden that is attached to an interior or exterior of a building. The wall is supported through the use of a structural system attached to the wall. The structural system houses the plants; this allows the plants to receive water and nutrients from within the vertical support, instead of from the ground.

The green wall deserves a lot of praise for its beauty and benefits, but a word of caution to those interested in constructing this – a professional is needed when dealing with this project. Due to the level of knowledge needed in areas such as types of plants and their growth, lighting, irrigation, fertilizer, and pest/disease management, a project such as this should be completed by someone who knows what they are doing. The initial start might be difficult but once the hard work is completed, what a wonderful sight to see each day. There is something almost magical and whimsical about looking up on a green wall and imagining the possibilities for the future.

Chilean high rise is wrapped in a living green wall.
This Chilean high rise is wrapped in a living green wall. The wall is planted with bougainvillea, jasmine, and plumbago and was created by Enrique Browne Architects.

If interested in green walls please check out the website of Patrick Blanc here. Patrick Blanc is considered the father of the green wall, which he created roughly thirty years ago. He is a great source to look up when researching the living green wall.

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