Our Team

With offices in Atlanta, GA, Boulder, CO, Minneapolis, MN and New York, NY SIG is a green building consulting firm whose team members bring years of experience in LEED, design-build commercial construction, real estate development, business efficiencies, and eco training. We truly are on the forefront of the sustainable construction wave and are dedicated to making our communities better. The founding partners and principals of Sustainable Investment Group, LLC carry years of sustainable design and construction experience, education, and training expertise. We also have training partners based in Dallas, TX.


About SIG

Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) is a full-service sustainability consulting firm that provides environmentally focused solutions to design, construction, real estate, and building operations professionals to support a high level of performance, value, and quality in the built environment. Beyond consulting and technical services, SIG also helps grow the green building industry through education and training. For example, we have helped over 5,000 professional across the U.S. prepare for LEED credential exams.
The firm is comprised of LEED Accredited Professionals, Professional Engineers, and CxA’s – who have design, construction, commissioning, property management, and development backgrounds. SIG, having worked on over 100 ENERGY STAR projects, is also an EPA approved ENERGY STAR Service & Product Provider (SPP). Having worked on many successful new and existing building green projects, we use our expertise to show that going green balance costs, timing, and benefits.
Our growing team, while staying focused on the triple bottom line, provides the following proven consulting services:
LEED Gap Analysis & Feasibility Studies

  • ENERGY STAR Benchmarking & PE Sign-Offs
  • LEED Consulting (EBO&M, NC, Schools, CS, CI, ND, and Volume)
  • ASHRAE Level I Energy Audits
  • Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning (New Construction)
  • Retro-Commissioning [RCx] (Existing Buildings)
  • IAQ Testing
  • Corporate Sustainability Consulting
  • ISO 14001 Guidance
  • Green Globes Consulting
  • LEED Exam Prep, Continuing Education, and Customized Training

SIG has offices in Atlanta, GA / Boulder, CO / Minneapolis, MN / and New York, NY and provides consulting and training in multiple markets across the U.S.