Jacky Olivares

Jacky Olivares

Executive Assistant

Location of employee:

Atlanta, GA

As an Executive Assistant, Jacky works alongside SIG’s VP of Building Lifecycle Services, Charlie Cichetti. Her responsibilities include arranging meetings, managing Charlie’s calendar, and prioritizing various matters. Additionally, Jacky manages information flow in an accurate and timely manner. She works to guarantee company goals and objectives are completed in good time. Jacky provides support to ensure that Charlie’s organizational goals are met and that the most efficient practices are upheld.

Jacky is people-oriented; she truly cares about assisting and aiding others. Jacky even obtained her CNA degree to further help people. Currently, she is continuing her goals by working towards a special needs teaching degree.

Jacky has extensive experience assisting others and performing administrative skills. She worked with special needs adults for two years before working with a special needs child one on one (assisting in daily activities and learning independence). Jacky then went on to assist her local church in the children’s department, preparing Sunday materials and lessons.

Later, she progressed to a different department inside the church to work with the First Impressions team. She was responsible for coordinating volunteers, prepping Sunday needs, on-campus training, pastoral care (coordinating meals needs for members, hospital visits, and prayer team members), and small groups (connecting members to each other, online catalog editing, and leader coordination).

Jacky loves playing D&D and board games with her husband and friends. She also loves to sew and create Halloween costumes for her family every year.