Greenbuild 2018: Human X Nature

Greenbuild 2018 logo | Human x NatureBy Daniel Uribe
Engineering Analyst
Sustainable Investment Group (SIG)

It is yet another year for the rapidly growing green space movement that has flourished in the United States over the last two decades to come together and learn of the most recent market developments. As SIG continues with aspiration to help communities across the country by providing an economic and environmental value with energy efficiency upgrades in living and working spaces, GREENBUILD enters its 16th year in facilitating communication amongst green building professionals. GREEDBUILD is having their 2018 Expo for global leaders, professionals, and innovators of the green building movement in Chicago, Illinois.

With the spotlight being on Chicago, Illinois this year, attendees have the opportunity to explore the windy city’s stellar food selection and vibrant nightlife amongst the river. Yet, the striking skyline and bold architecture in Chicago will inspire many professionals in the industry to continue pushing the envelope on what a building can do to make indoor living further coexist with our environment. With Chicago as a source of inspiration, attendees must take advantage of the opportunities GREENBUILD has provided them in the two days of its event.

From November 14th through the 16th in McCormick Place, GREENBUILD Human x Nature will have market innovators in the Expo hall inform attendees of their current actions impacting the way green spaces are designed. Through these workshop and learning opportunities, attendees will be able to learn from speakers like Kina McCarthy who will be leading a Master Series conversation. As the former EPA Administrator, attendees will get first hand insight on Green Chemistry, which is a growing field, whose goal is to provide alternative methods to eliminate hazardous building materials while “improving or maintaining product performance.”

GREENBUILD Human x Nature has also provided a space for Women in Green through their Women in Green Power Luncheon. GREENBUILD has provided a platform for women and participants to hear from female leaders in the green space movement to aspire other women to continue pursuing leadership positions throughout the industry. Women in Green particularly wants to support emerging professionals as they seek to familiarize themselves with the industry by providing scholarships to those who seek it. Let’s not forget that participants will get the chance to eat some Chicago cuisine as they hear these impactful women.

For those participants who learn better by doing, GREENBUILD also conducts tours throughout the conference of exemplary green buildings. Their green building tours consist of spaces that display how Senior citizens are “Living Green” and how Chicago is an innovator for “Green Brewing.” These tours take place over half a day or a full day depending on how detailed participants would want to be in their tour. To say that GREENBUILD provides attendees with educational opportunities is an understatement! You have the chance to see green living as you walk through “living buildings” in Chicago.

As much as GREENBUILD already provides their attendees, the access they provide to hear from the some of the most impactful people in the environmental movement should not be overlooked. Their “Plenaries” have inspired many innovators in the field to continue pursuing their dreams as they heard from speakers like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Hilary Clinton. This year, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from Amal Clooney, a British human rights lawyer and visiting professor at Columbia Law School, whom will be kick off the event for that week.

Before having access to all of these opportunities, one must register on GREENBUILD’s website. As it has been for several years now, SIG will participate and we hope to see you too! As a LEED Proven Provider® our methods for documenting and earning LEED credits have been perfected over time and are trusted by the USGBC. At Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) we offer LEED trainingconsulting, and engineering. We are available to assist you with your sustainability needs and would love to connect with you at the upcoming GREENBUILD. We hope to see you there!

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