The U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters Earns Gold

rendering of the LEED Gold U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters
The Coast Guard Headquarters has a green roof along with other sustainable features. Photo credit:

The green movement is making a drastic impact on all aspects of industry and infrastructure as LEED certification continues to gain momentum. Anyone unfamiliar with this third-party method of certification for sustainable building will soon be aware of its advantages. This method of evaluating construction projects is prevalent everywhere from small, grass roots projects all the way up to considerable, government building projects. In fact, it is likely that some area of your life is indirectly dependent on institutions that call a LEED-certified building home. In addition to the sustainable building practices that this certification system insures, builders and investors putting their finances in green and certified projects are saving substantial amounts of money. For this reason, government entities across the globe are getting in on the movement from the ground floor.

LEED Gold SealThe GSA continues to mandate LEED Gold (or equal) for new buildings. Completed in 2013, the headquarters for the United States Coast Guard became their latest and proudest effort to make the green grade. This building received the highest possible LEED rating, earning a Gold certification at the time of its completion. The building was given these high marks based a number of sustainable dimensions that include a green roof, recycled and reclaimed construction materials, and by producing virtually no waste throughout the construction process. This ultra-sustainable building also earned nine other awards for sustainability when its doors were opened for operation. With the help of the Clark Construction Group, everything from the air quality to taking steps that ensured minimal energy consumption have allowed this building to break new ground for government entities.

photo of the GSA Social Security Building in Birmingham, AL
The GSA Social Security Administration Building in Birmingham, AL, competed in 2008, earned LEED Silver. Photo credit:

Prior to the construction of the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters, the government invested heavily in the future of the earth by constructing a Social Security Administration Building in Birmingham, Alabama that surpassed all expectations for sustainable certification. Completed in 2008, this building earned a Silver Certification. This ranking was attained through the use of a green roof that minimized energy costs associated with indoor environmental controls and by sourcing local materials as well. There are a wealth of other guidelines that helped this GSA construction project rank high, including a considerable presence and use of natural vegetation along with the purest possible working environment for its employees.

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