Local Law 87

Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) Will Help You Comply With Local Law 87 – 2009 (LL87)

In December 2009, New York City released its “Greener, Greater Buildings Plan,” to improve energy and water efficiency in New York City’s largest buildings. Local Law 87 – 2009 is one of four laws that are part of this plan. Local Law 87 – 2009 requires property owners including co-ops and condo boards to comply with specific mandates including energy audits and retro-commissioning of their buildings every 10 years, as well as submitting an “Energy Efficiency Report” to the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) documenting the results.
Sustainable Investment Group, a leading Green Consulting firm, has an office in Bronxville, New York. We specialize in providing energy audits, commissioning, energy consulting and sustainability training services to both private and public clients.
Sustainable Investment Group brings energy and sustainable consulting directly to you, which aids in developing and delivering a more productive work environment at a fraction of the cost, while improving your overall bottom line. In the age of economic distress and lack of monetary resources, we have revolutionized the way companies can save money through implementing all modes of energy efficiency and sustainability. We bring a proven sustainability strategy to drive productivity and sales, while reducing your company’s overhead costs.
SIG is experienced in conducting the energy audits and retro-commissioning of numerous building types, as well as is well-versed in developing and submitting “Energy Efficiency Reports” to DOB.
SIG understands the requirements of LL87 and how to work well with Property Managers to help you comply with the required energy audits and retro-commissioning of “base building systems” which includes, but is not limited to, the building envelope, HVAC systems, elevators and escalators, domestic hot water supply, and electrical and lighting systems.
Integrating LL87 is easy…we leverage our vast green expertise and knowledge to drive, develop, implement and deploy comprehensive energy solutions including audits and commissioning proven to streamline your organizational processes and reduce operational costs.
We are ready to serve you. We are the energy efficiency experts!
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