Sustainable Spring: Garden Plans in the Snow

photo of a hand holding a pea pod | Sustainable Investment GroupWinter may seem unending, but end it will. And at the first sign of spring, you may be anxious to start digging a garden. However, soil preparation requires snow to melt and soil to dry, so wait you must. While you wait, you can start on a few other preparations.

Watching Soil Dry

Regardless of your gardening experience planning your garden on paper can save you time and money. Pay attention to sunlight and drainage and decide the size of your garden. Do some research; look at what thrives in your area.

After planning, repair damaged boxes, trellises or fencing, or build these if needed. Another important time saver is to clean, sharpen, and buy necessary garden tools. Also start clearing drainage areas, weeding, and clearing pots and bedding from the previous year. Install rainwater tanks, and start sowing any seeds inside that require longer growing times.

Starting a compost pile is a must for successful, organic gardening. You can use spare materials to mark off a space and start composting now. Composting is easy, but remember to avoid meaty or fatty foods and anything inorganic. Furthermore, make sure you provide variety and keep the pile moist.

It’s All about the Soil

photo of bags of organic soil | Sustainable Investment GroupKnowing when soil is ready takes experience, but a general rule is if you make a ball of soil and drop it from waist high, it should break apart when it lands. The soil is ready; now you can dig. And dig you must around 12-14 inches deep. Then add compost and rotted manure and mix it in thoroughly. Next, test your soil’s pH level using a test kit or by contacting a local service. Depending on pH levels, you may have to add limestone or sulfur. Once amended, rake the space level and start planting.

Gardens and Sustainability

Gardening takes time, and cultivating enough vegetables for a family takes practice, so while you wait on your crops and perfect your skills, you can easily supplement with local, organic options. Having a garden is a great way to achieve more sustainable living and ensure your food is completely organic. Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) wants to help our clients live in more sustainable ways, so try planting a garden because spring is almost here.

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