Sustainable Practices at Disney and You

photo of Walt Disney World’s Railroad No.4 | Sustainable Investment Group (SIG)If you’ve always been a fan of Walt Disney and the amazing international corporation he and his family imagined and brought into being and you’re considering a Disney vacation this fall or winter, here’s additional information you need now.

Disney represents a kind of case study if you’re considering the question “What can my business and I do to save the earth for future generations?” You’ll be happy to know that you can do so much to save money and resources that add value to your business as you save the earth at the same time. Your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and everyone on earth must depend on small steps towards a cleaner and sustainable world. Start where you can, and start now.

Here’s a recap of some of the ways Disney is doing their part:

Disney Cruise Lines

Disney’s Cruise Line is also committed to reducing waste. To date, at least six and a half tons of paper, metal, plastic, and glass have been removed from waterways and beaches in which Disney ships travel. The company estimates that employees have removed more than thirty thousand pounds of trash from the environment.

Disney Climate Solutions Fund

Disney is also concerned about climate change. The Climate Solutions Fund is one of the ways the corporation hopes to lessen the impact of fossil fuels and rising temperatures in the environment.

Disney monitors its carbon footprint by charging subsidiary businesses for greenhouse gas emissions. Money paid by the Disney businesses funds the Climate Solutions account. Disney uses money to improve forest management in its markets and throughout the country. It also invests in forestry in California and around the world. Over the past seven years, Disney has made investments in almost 150,000 forested acres around the world. Walt Disney World is about one-fourth this size!

The fund has disbursed almost USD 30 million to projects in more than 100 countries. Projects funded to date study wildlife, develop education/community conservation in a variety of delicate world ecosystems, protect wildlife habitats, and provide education about nature to children and their parents.

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

Now more than 20 years old, Disney’s Worldwide Conservation Fund also helps researchers study threatened plants, animals, and ecosystems and supports environmental stewardship around the world.

The company’s mission statement proclaims that Disney has a long-term environmental commitment. Disney wants to cut net greenhouse gases, conserve water and energy resources. The Worldwide Conservation Fund supports education and conservation in more than 100 countries around the world. The fund has distributed more than USD 25 million to date.

Green Technology and Disney

Green technology supports Disney’s sustainability goals and improves the Disney visitor’s experience. It’s possible to buy/use a “fastpass,” enter a Disney hotel room, or gain entry to any of the parks without standing inline. The user can accomplish tasks from a computer, tablet, or smartphone as desired:

There’s no need for physical tickets, card room keys, or other paraphernalia that add up to unnecessary waste. Disney guests are provided with a reusable armband to enter or exit a Disney parking garage, hotel, or park.

Disney is committed to electric vehicle use. They’re added new electric vehicles each year for guests and members to use.

Disney Commitment to Nature

According to Disney corporate communications, about one-third of each Disney property is left undeveloped. The ability to enjoy nature was part of Walt Disney’s original vision. Wildlife and nature conservation areas are available for everyone to enjoy at Disney properties and resorts.

It’s possible to enjoy boating or fishing in some instances. For instance, Disney advertises pole fishing at the Port Orleans Resort. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground also offers bass fishing (with a guide) via pontoon boat.

Express Transport at Disney

If you’re traveling with children or don’t like the idea of spending time in transit from the plane to Disney, the Magic Express system speeds the transition. Disney’s bus meets you at the airport. It’s also possible to use Disney transportation between theme parks or properties. There’s no need to rent a car or hire a cab, so you save money and reduce your vacation carbon footprint.

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Creating sustainable practices at your business doesn’t require a Disneyesque corporate budget. Deciding how to do your part could include initiating a trash clean-up in your corporate park or making the full commitment to attain LEED certification of your office building or data center. All big journeys begin with a single step but there’s no reason to go it alone. Contact Michael Cichetti at 404-343-3835 to start the discussion about your vision of a world that’s better because you decided to save waste, reduce energy, and promote wellness.

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