SIG’s Top 10 LEED Projects for 2017

SIGs top LEED projects of 2017

1185 Avenue of the Americas

1185 Avenue of the Americas in New York, New York was submitted for LEED EB in October 2017. The building had impressive tenant participation during the application process, with tenants contributing purchasing information regarding sustainable ongoing consumables, electric items and appliances, and furniture, all of which had more than enough sustainable content to earn the related LEED credits.  Tenant improvements during the LEED performance period generated a diversion rate of 84%. Since the building is in downtown Manhattan where open space is limited, SL Green ownership and property management made a purchase for off-site land conservation to contribute to open space preservation.

10-24 School Street

Earning 65 points for LEED EB Gold in June 2017, 10-24 School Street is a 135,000 square-foot, 8-story building located in the middle of downtown Boston, MA. The original structure along 24 School Street was built in 1925, whereas the 10 School Street side of the structure was built in 1968. Despite the historical elements of the building, the Clarendon Group property team has implemented various measures to increase energy efficiency, earning an Energy Star score of 86. The team purchases Renewable Energy Credits to offset 100% of electrical consumption as a best practice, rather than to earn LEED points (which it does). Additionally, the building features water efficient plumbing fixtures and received maximum points available for the alternative transportation credit. No parking availability on site further encourages tenants to commute via train, bus, walking, or biking.

Target Field – Minnesota Twins Ballpark – Minneapolis, MN

Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins Baseball Club, earned LEED for New Construction Silver certification in 2010, and LEED for Existing Buildings Silver certification in 2011. This year, Sustainable Investment Group implemented LEED Performance Path at the stadium, recertifying to LEED Gold in April 2017. Target Field, aptly titled the “Greenest Ballpark in America” became the first major sports stadium in the country to achieve 3 separate LEED certifications and reach LEED Gold under the existing buildings rating system.

Georgia World Congress Center – Atlanta, GA

In 2014, the 3.92 million square foot Georgia World Congress Center became the 14th largest LEED certified building ever, earning LEED Silver certification under the EB: O+M rating system. This year, with help from a large performance contract and ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit which resulted in a 7% improvement in energy performance, Sustainable Investment Group helped the Georgia World Congress Center recertify and upgrade to LEED Gold.

1515 Broadway – New York, NY

SL Green hired Sustainable Investment Group to guide nine of their properties through the LEED EB: O+M process this year, including the 2 million square foot world headquarters for Viacom in Times Square, 1515 Broadway. With SIG’s help, the building was able to implement green best practices, operating policies, and water savings upgrades, improve its ENERGY STAR score by 9 points, and earn LEED Gold certification in June 2017.

100 Church Street – LEED O+M Gold

100 Church Street, located in downtown Manhattan, earned LEED Gold certification in Novemeber 2017. This building has over 1 million square feet of office space, as well as ground floor retail. 100 Church Street focused on reducing the impact of the waste leaving their facility. The building was able to generate a 79.22% diversion of occupant waste through single stream recycling, a 100% diversion of all durable goods waste, and an 85.95% diversion rate for waste from renovation projects.

1350 Avenue of the Americas – LEED O+M Gold

The 1350 Avenue of the Americas building is over 500,000 square feet spread over 37 stories in midtown Manhattan. SIG worked with the property management team to obtain LEED Gold Certification. To achieve this, the property management team invested in 14,670MWh of clean renewable off-site electricity, as well as offsetting their carbon footprint.  Additionally,  and due to its proximity to transit, the facility was able to obtain a 92.47% reduction in conventional transportation.

Bank of America Jacksonville

  • Heat Island Reduction: Bank of America Tower reduces the Heat Island Effect with a highly reflective roof and subterranean parking, limiting the amount of hardscape exposed to the sun and reflecting sunlight on those areas exposed.
  • Waste Diversion: The building not only boasts a 55% diversion rate (head and shoulders above the city average), but also conducted a waste audit for the building, confirming a 92% purity for its recycling stream.
  • 80% of all cleaning chemicals and 90% of all cleaning equipment meet LEED criteria (by cost)

55 Allen

  • Achieved high Gold certification using the new LEED Performance Pathway
  • Consumes 8% less energy per year than other LEED buildings
  • Won Regional BOMA Earth Award

711 3rd Avenue

  • 100% LEED compliant furniture purchases during the performance period (pre and post consumer recycled content
  • Completed retro commissioning analysis of the buildings HVAC and BAS systems, investigating areas of improvement and recommending those improvements to ownership.
  •  Energy Star Score 86-89

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