SIG Recognized as a LEED® Proven Provider

photo of 750 Seventh Avenue in New York
750 Seventh Avenue in Manhattan achieved LEED Silver Certification in January 6, 2015. This is one of SIG’s most recent LEED certification projects.

In September 2014, the USGBC recognized Sustainable Investment Group, LLC (SIG) as a LEED® Proven Provider™ for the O+M rating system family. This designation was developed to streamline the LEED application review process for experienced organizations. As a leader in the field of existing buildings, SIG has provided top-notch LEED O+M consulting services for the past five years, and this recognition demonstrates consistent excellence in administering LEED projects. As of January 2015, only nine organizations have earned this distinction.

“Quality is at the core of the LEED certification process, and SIG has exhibited expertise in helping to bring healthy, high-performing buildings to the market,” said Doug Gatlin, vice president of program delivery, USGBC and GBCI. “The LEED Proven Provider model represents a great partnership between SIG and GBCI, because it allows GBCI to maintain a rigorous certification program and gives SIG the opportunity to deliver LEED projects to its clients faster.”

The Proven Provider program is a win-win-win solution for GBCI, SIG, and their clients. The GBCI’s expectations of the proven provider are to perform internal quality control and continuous improvement. In return, the GBCI’s review team provides direct engagement with the project team and faster turnaround times. In partnering with a LEED Proven Provider, building owners and managers gain the confidence of a nearly perfect submission.

Read more about the program here.

Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) is committed to bringing our clients the best customer service and the fastest path to LEED plaques. We enjoy being on the forefront of new programs and will always keep you up to date on the latest offering from USGBC and beyond. We are proud of our LEED Proven Provider status and want to share its benefits with you, our readers and devoted clients. As always, please reach out and let us know how else we can better serve you in making our indoor lives healthier and more enjoyable.

Learn more about the LEED Certification of 750 Seventh Avenue, here.