SIG Partner: Paramount Group, recognized for Best in Building Health

By Devin Takekawa
Engineering Analyst
Sustainable Investment Group (SIG)

Best in Building Health 2020

As the interest in sustainability and green buildings have been rising throughout the 20th century, more and more buildings are becoming LEED certified or Energy Star rated. By doing this, companies are not only reducing their carbon footprint and energy usage but are also paying more attention to their employee’s health and well-being while at work. One organization that is taking this by storm is fitwel, whose focus is on improving the health of a building’s occupants by providing tips and recommendations on how to design commercial interiors. Buildings can earn a certification from fitwel once they satisfy their requirements which can lead to many benefits such as: increasing physical activity, providing healthier food options, supporting more social equality, and reducing morbidity & absenteeism. [1]

Best in Building Health AwardsOn February 27th, 2020 the CfAD (Center for Active Design) hosted a ceremony for the fitwel winners of Best in Building Health in San Francisco, California. Several industry leaders were present at the award ceremony including Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) and Paramount Group. Paramount Group received recognition and awards from fitwel by earning the “Greatest Impact on Building Health” for the Most People Impacted. This is a great achievement from the group and well deserved because not only are most of their buildings fitwel certified, but they also have many buildings that are LEED accredited. Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) has been fortunate enough to have consulted 13 of the 20 Paramount Group buildings for fitwel, Energy Star, and LEED certifications.

At fitwel’s Best in Building Health recognition program in San Francisco, California, Paramount Group and SIG accepted awards from the CfAD and fitwel. Some of the buildings that were highlighted are 1 Market Plaza, 1 Front Street, and 300 Mission Street (50 Beale Street) which are all located in San Francisco, California [2]. The CfAD recognized Paramount Group for having the most impact on people for their building health, which makes sense because their properties in San Francisco provide workplaces for over 11,000 people. These buildings are only a small fraction of the fitwel projects that SIG and Paramount group have received certifications for.

Monica and Nick from SIGSustainable Investment Group’s CEO and Co-Founder, Charlie Cichetti, had a few words of acknowledgment and encouragement for the Paramount Group. “Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) is proud to partner with Paramount Group in navigating the wellness real estate options for their portfolio. Paramount Group has had a lot of success with high-level LEED and Energy Star Certifications, and a healthy building certification was a logical next step for them. We are excited to already have earned several fitwel certifications as an early adopter to the program and are looking forward to even more in 2020.” [1]

If your company or building is interested in becoming fitwel certified, contact Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) as we are green building consultants seeking to expand the sustainability and well-being of building occupants across the nation. [3]





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