Sengavi Thirupathy

Sengavi Thirupathy

Energy Consultant

Location of employee:

Atlanta  |  Boulder  |  Los Angeles  |  Minneapolis  |  New York  |  San Francisco | Washington, D.C.


Sengavi Thirupathy works on supporting Energy modeling for existing and new construction projects. Sengavi’s job responsibilities include managing multiple green building projects for commercial real estate clients including services such as energy modeling, energy audits, ENERGY STAR, and LEED. Contributing towards streamlining the energy modeling process. Sengavi will also be working on identifying performance goals for buildings to move towards net zero operation and carbon studies.


Sengavi graduated from Anna University, Chennai, India in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering and completed her Master’s in engineering in Energy Systems from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


Previously, Sengavi has worked on over 10 Net zero energy building design and modeling and 3 Net zero carbon projects. Sengavi has worked on various sectors such as medical office buildings, schools, and animal houses, semiconductor manufacturing units, multifamily residential buildings, automobile manufacturing buildings, data centers and office buildings. Sengavi has worked on Energy Audits, Utility incentive program management and grid carbon assessments as well.


Sengavi enjoys trying out new hobbies like knitting, learning new musical instruments, juggling and more. She is interested in doing major hikes in various National parks across the country and trying new restaurants.