Retro-Commissioning (RCx)

For a 50-story building in New York City, Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) uncovered over half a million dollars’ worth of operating savings in the first year through the Retro-Commissioning (RCx) process. The SIG team gets these results because we know where to look and what actions deliver results. Don’t risk your operating budget with an inexperienced team. Sustainable Investment Group’s engineers have audited and certified over 50 million square feet of building space, and our pricing remains fair and competitive.
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Retro-commissioning is a more in depth and extensive energy audit. Our team will use precision tools to collect data on air speed, temperature, humidity, and other variables to understand the mechanical fitness of your buildings HVAC system. This is not spot checking and making assumptions. Retro-commissioning is testing every thermostat, every fan, and every pump to find any deviation from ideal conditions.

Buildings slowly lose peak performance just like your car or home succumbs to everyday use and environmental influences. Sometimes you notice the effects in creeping utility costs, reoccurring failures, or uncomfortable conditions. It’s also easy to overlook, because most likely there is a redundancy in place. The question becomes, “Is my building performing to it’s best capacity?”
The only action that will answer that question is Retro-commissioning.

Energy audits, and green building awards are important to maintain frequently, like oil changes in your car. Retro-commissioning is the 90,000 mile service where we make no assumptions and leave no stone unturned. Don’t let those precious dollars slip away in unseen waste. Commission today and save tomorrow.
Retro-commissioning should be distinguished from Re-commissioning, which is done to fine tune issues resulting from initial installation and first use. Retro-commissioning is a smoother process which does not entail closing a building to its users. It can be done when the building is undergoing normal use. Retro-commissioning is thus less obtrusive and more focused on increasing efficiency at a minimal cost. It enables the operators of a building to catch up with the latest energy saving technology, even if their building was put up before it was discovered.

The advantages of retro-commissioning are many, but the most significant ones include: reducing the cost of repairs and maintenance-by giving equipment a new lease of life, improving the quality of air in the building-due to better circulation, and overall increasing the general comfort of a building’s occupants-thereby reducing complaints and conflicts! Overall, it extends the useful life of the entire building, and in most cases, it pays for itself in a few short years!

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