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Sustainable Investment Group’s Nick Kassanis Attains LEED Fellow Status for Visionary Green Building Leadership

headshot of Nick Kassanis with LEED Fellow logo next to itATLANTA, Sept. 22, 2023 – Nick Kassanis, President of Sustainable Investment Group (SIG), has earned the esteemed LEED Fellow designation, recognizing his pioneering role in revolutionizing green building practices, joining the ranks of just over 300 individuals worldwide. Nick’s unwavering dedication to sustainability, coupled with his extensive experience and Greek heritage, sets him apart as a true visionary in the field.

Elevating Sustainability Through Remarkable Leadership:
Nick Kassanis, a seasoned industry leader for over half the time the LEED standard has existed, has made a profound impact on the green building landscape. Having led more than 150 LEED projects and supervised an additional 200+, Nick has established himself as a preeminent expert in green buildings. Hailing from a rich Greek background and enhanced through international travel, he brings a unique cultural perspective to his work, further fueling his passion for sustainability. Beyond his impressive project portfolio, Nick has dedicated himself to inspiring over 10,000 students and professionals worldwide, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices. Co-founding Aetos Imaging has also positioned him at the forefront of the industry, where he is pioneering transformative technology and innovation to redefine building operations and management.

Key Accomplishments and Contributions:
Nick’s dedication to fostering international relationships and partnerships includes expanding LEED advocacy into regions traditionally dominated by BREEAM. This includes countries such as Colombia, Greece, Hungary and Spain in Latin America and Europe. He has collaborated with diverse organizations, encouraging LEED technical proficiency and sustainable development. His international travels have taken him to 8 different countries, speaking at more than 50 events.

Within Fortune 100 and 500 organizations, Nick has played a pivotal role in setting green building certification and environmental impact reduction goals. For a recent global client the focus is on LEED v4.1 with strategies being implemented towards a 3-year plan to certify 50% of their global portfolio. Nick’s extensive expertise encompasses portfolio decarbonization assessments, deep energy and retro-commissioning studies, embodied carbon and energy modeling, LEED certifications and corporate sustainability reporting to name a few.

Nick Kassanis’ LEED Fellow recognition is a testament to his exceptional leadership and significant strides in promoting sustainability within the green building industry. As President of Sustainable Investment Group, Nick has not only transformed buildings but has also inspired individuals and organizations to prioritize sustainable practices.

Reflecting on his remarkable achievement, Nick shared, “Growing up in Greece, surrounded by the abundance of nature, I cultivated a deep connection to the environment and a passion for sustainability. This inspired a commitment to preserve the beautiful country I adored growing up in, where my upbringing was deeply ingrained with a cultural appreciation for nature. My journey into LEED and the built environment has been exhilarating. Now, as a LEED Fellow, I’m thrilled to inspire change, advocate for technological advancement, and drive sustainable development worldwide. The green building movement reflects the values I hold dear, and I’m eager to champion sustainability as a LEED Fellow, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.”

The 2023 LEED Fellows will be recognized on Thursday, Sept. 28, at this year’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo.

About Sustainable Investment Group (SIG):
SIG logo on white backgroundSIG is a leading full-service sustainability consulting firm. With a team of dedicated experts, now including 3 LEED Fellows (nearly 1% of the world’s total!), the firm empowers organizations to embrace sustainable building practices, reduce their environmental impact, and achieve green building certifications. SIG’s comprehensive services encompass LEED consulting, energy efficiency analysis, sustainability reporting, and more.