One Market Plaza Fitwel Case Study

Fitwel Case Study


Paramount Group

Fitwel Certification Level:


Square Feet:

Spear Tower: 43 stories

Steuart Tower: 27 stories

Total SF: 1.6 million

SIG team members that worked on this project:

Monica Gonzalez, Vice President of Development & Strategic Planning

Building Address:

One Market Street

San Francisco, CA 94105

Year Built:


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One Market Plaza Fitwel Case Study

SIG's Role on this building:

Fitwel Certification

Fun Facts

Rooftop garden on the seventh floor that feature views of the Bay

Over 21,000 daily occupants and visitors

World class views of and walking distance to Ferry Building and San Francisco Piers

Provide covered bike storage, showers, and lockers for active commuters

Immediate action notification system for emergencies


Located along San Francisco’s eastern shoreline across the Embarcadero, One Market Plaza features two high-rise office towers in an exclusive location. Several of San Francisco’s top attractions, such as the Ferry Building, Piers, and farmers markets, are sprinkled along the infamous boulevard within only 0.2 miles of walking distance.

One Market Plaza includes two rooftop gardens on the seventh floor that overlook the nearby beautiful water views of the harbor. Some occupants are lucky enough to have The San Francisco Embarcadero and the Bay Bridge as their daily views while they work. While on lunch break, occupants have the chance to utilize the trail at Sue Bierman Park, which is only a 0.3-mile walk and helps to increase their physical activity opportunities throughout the day and positively impact their overall health. Within half a mile of the building entrance there are many amenities such as commuting infrastructure, nature views, and nearby parks that not only help benefit the occupants, but the environment as well.

With strategies such as location, building access, outdoor spaces, and workspaces, the more diverse amenities the project has, the more points Fitwel will award. One Market Plaza is an outstanding example of how Fitwel Certification helps buildings to optimize their design and operations to improve the health and productivity of their occupants. One Market Plaza is one of four buildings from Paramount Group that achieved Fitwel certification in 2019, helping Paramount in attaining the 2020 Best in Building Health Award given by the Center for Active Design. Paramount received the award for having the most significant people impacted on the health of the building. With over 1.6 million SF of office and retail space, One Market Plaza has a total of over 21,000 daily occupants and visitors.

Due to the location and design of space, One Market Plaza excelled in many areas of Fitwel Certification. For example, the design of perimeter offices in a shallow floorplate lead to sky-scraping natural daylight and workstations with views of nature. Access to natural day light and views of nature have proven to lower occupant stress while working, instilling feelings of well-being. The lobby is equipped with a display of local amenities that are within 1/2 mile, so occupants could easily walk to a variety of diverse uses throughout the day. With an immediate notification system in place, One Market Plaza is ready to notify occupants of any emergency or dangers that could be a threat to their health or safety.

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