New Orleans Jazz Market

Case Study for New Orleans Jazz Market


 Kronberg Wall Architects

LEED Certification Level:

LEED Gold® - certified May 2015


 eligible May 2016

Total Square Feet:


SIG team members that worked on this project:

Asa Posner, Senior Sustainability Consultant

Nick Kassanis, Commissioning Authority, Energy Modeling Consultant

Building Address:

1436 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard

New Orleans, LA 70113

New Orleans Jazz Market

Sustainable Investment Group’s role on this building:

  1. LEED® BD+C: New Construction

  2. Fundamental Commissioning

  3. Energy Modeling

Fun Facts

The original structure was built in 1848 and housed the Dryades Market, one of the biggest and busiest in the city.


The New Orleans Jazz Market is a two-story facility serving the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, including an auditorium/stage area with back-of-house space, office space (box office, manager’s office, and artistic director’s office), a front lobby, and an education/practice room. The facility houses the Jazz Archives and music education experiences. The auditorium can accommodate 350 people.

Being a major renovation, the original building has taken on many forms over the years. The original structure was built in 1848 as part of a market district. The building provided a venue for butchers, vegetable sellers, and pickle makers for decades until the city turned it over to private ownership. In the 1970s, it was renovated and converted into a box retail store, which fell into disrepair until this project revitalized the block as the historic community center. Read more about the historic market, here.

Outstanding achievements in the LEED application for The New Orleans Jazz Market including earning two regional priority credits for positive impacts to local environmental concerns. One is for redeveloping a brownfield, which benefits the entire community by cleaning up hazardous materials and revitalizing a blighted building. The second is for diverting 84% of construction and demolition debris from landfills by sending the 150 tons of usable resources to recycling centers. Resource management was a highlight throughout the development process. 89% of the original structure is reused and 51% of all materials were sourced within 500 miles.

The Energy Model built by SIG demonstrated a 25% reduction of energy cost compared to the baseline and earned 9 points, which helped the project solidly earn Gold certification; surpassing the original goal of Silver. Significant attention was also paid to air quality and this project provides an unmatched health experience with the combination of MERV 13 filters, low-emitting materials, CO2 sensors, and reduced mercury in lighting.

Enjoying a performance of the Jazz Orchestra should be a pleasant experience because it can be assessed within walking distance of public transportation. The surrounding neighborhood provides a dense diversity of services and safe pedestrian experience.

Sustainable Investment Group closely collaborated with the Kronberg Wall Architects throughout the whole process and seamlessly blended the LEED guidelines into the project normal timeline. The entire project team hopes that the New Orleans Jazz Market will be a symbol of resilience, revitalization, and recovery for New Orleans, as well as a beacon for sustainability.