May is Bike Month

photo of 2 women commuting to work on their bikes | Bike Month

By Alyson Laura, LEED AP BD+C, O+M
Sustainability Maven, Sustainable Investment Group (SIG)

May is bike month across the nation. The weather is just right to dust-off or break-in your two-wheeled vehicle and put a little human power in your commute. Bikes are an ideal model of sustainability because riding burns calories, avoids carbon emissions, and saves you money on gas. Nation-wide, we have seen a 47% growth in bike commuting between 2000 and 2011. Learn more, here.

National Bike to Work Week 2015 is recognized May 11-15. If you are on a bike, take these precautions for a safe trip: wear a helmet, inflate tires to optimal pressure (it’s stamped on your rubber tire), fuel your body with protein and water before you ride, and wear sunscreen and sunglasses. If you are a motorist, use these tips to ‘share the road’: when there is more than one lane-use the open lane to pass safely, and when there is only one lane-ensure the minimum three feet of safe passing distance. Remember, bikes legally must ride on the road. Take notice when signage allows bikes to use the full lane for safety on narrow streets. Here is a helpful resource on bike safety from Bikemonk.

Bicycling advocacy groups are hosting events all month to encourage more ridership and offer incentives to bike commuters like bike accessories, food, and social events. Look for events in your city to find ride partners or educational opportunities to build your confidence.







Fun Fact:
Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) has two team members that are avid bike riders. Alyson is a commuter cyclist whose typical daily route includes a Mass Transit commute as well as two bike rides to get to the office in Sandy Springs. Jason, in Boulder, CO, does mountain biking, competitive road racing, and cyclo-cross.

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