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Matt Samuels

Atlanta  |  Boulder  |  Los Angeles  |  Minneapolis  |  New York  |  San Francisco | Washington, D.C.

portrait of Matt SamuelsExecutive Synergizer
LEED Green Associate

If you’re looking for some face time with Charlie you’ll want to get to know Matt. Matt supports our CEO in all of his projects and protects Charlie’s time so he can continue to be the visionary we know and love. Matt helps to make sure that all of the great ideas discussed in meetings or even comments made in passing that have traction get to the table and are seen through to completion. Matt keeps track of the figurative balls in the air (which ball is where, what color they are, how quickly they’re moving) and sees to it that none of them fall.

Matt studied Music Composition and Vocal Performance at Florida State University and Georgia State University and would love to go on to earn his master’s in theology and biblical studies.

Matt has 5+ years of experience working in various roles pertaining to executive support: accounting, client services, human resources and office management. Attending to specific numbers, following up with client requests, and managing the every day needs of an office have given Matt the tools he needs to succeed in his position here.

Matt enjoys spending time with his family: his wife Maddie, and his two daughters Arden and Hazel. His other interests include: songwriting, nature, going for walks, discovering new places, reading, whatever the opposite of small talk is, and good food.