Local Law 87 Compliance: Building Energy Efficiency with SIG

New York City's Local Law 87 Compliance
In December 2009, New York City released its “Greener, Greater Buildings Plan,” to improve energy and water efficiency in New York City’s largest buildings. Photo credit: Patrick Gruban, Munich, Germany | Wikimedia Commons.

The urban jungle is getting ever greener thanks to New York City’s Local Law 87 (LL87). Hacking through its texts and contexts, however, requires an experienced guide. With our seasoned team of engineers and analysts, Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) can lead the way to optimal utilization of LL87.

Greener, Greater Buildings Plan

Reaching the standards of the city’s Greener, Greater Buildings Plan through application of LL87, one of four components comprising the 2009 environmental improvement initiative, means achieving significant levels of energy and water efficiency. Properties that require LL87 compliance include any single NYC building over 50,000 square feet and multiple buildings with the same tax lot or condo board, that together exceed 100,000 square feet.

LL87 Compliance

LL87 compliance is not only an imperative but also an opportunity for improving overall operations and creating an investment that is both environmentally and financially sustainable. Increasing building efficiency decreases operational budget requirements, creating an opportunity for growth in other areas of an organization.

Cost savings and optimal performance are integral aspects of the SIG in-depth building assessment. Our thorough evaluation of base building systems ensures essential elements such as HVAC and BMS/Pneumatic controls, lighting and lighting controls, water heating, and other energy consuming systems, all work to provide maximum benefit at minimal cost. The Retro Commissioning (RCx) process will include functional testing of all systems and components as well as provide a review of all potential no/low cost and capital improvements that can be made to increase your building’s efficiency and reduce operating expenses.

NYSERDA FlexTech Funding

In the hands of SIG’s seasoned consultants, the path through LL87 requirements is navigated with ease. Be sure to ask how LEED Energy and Atmosphere credits 2.1 and 2.2 may be used to meet the LL87 standards. Better still; ask about qualifying for New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) FlexTech funding. SIG has already helped a number of clients use this resource in order to reduce LL87 compliance cost by up to 50%.

Energy Audits and Retro Commissioning

SIG cuts a clear path to resource efficiency through LL87 consulting services. The first steps include an Energy Audit and Retro-Commissioning. An appropriately credentialed professional, many of whom form a vital part of the SIG team, must complete these steps. Once these processes are completed, an initial Environmental Efficiency Report (EER) is generated. SIG files this report with the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) on behalf of its clients, further facilitating the compliance process.

All initial assessments can be completed within four years prior to the required filing date, so act early in order to assure timely completion. Keep in mind that repeat EERs must be filed every ten years. When that time comes, SIG will still be available and ready to assist with the latest technological developments. With more than 8.5 million square feet of Manhattan property having already benefited from our LL87/RCx services, SIG is ready to help you with this mandate. Ask us how we can take your building LEED EB and LL87/RCx at the same time for about the price of non-LEED LL87 scope. Contact Asa Posner at asa@sigearth.com.

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