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Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) has different options if you are planning to become LEED AP accredited. You may want to consider an in-person LEED BD+C training course taught by SIG’s expert instructors.

What is the LEED AP BD+C?
The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) publishes the LEED rating systems to benchmark performance in the built environment. The USGBC also offers professional credentials to demonstrate knowledge of and a commitment to sustainability. The LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) is a Tier 2 accreditation. To become a LEED AP, you must hold the LEED Green Associate credential and pass a 100 question multiple choice exam in two hours.

LEED AP Building Design + Construction (BD+C) is tailored to prepare designers and builders to evaluate their systems, processes, and to enact relevant improvements which enhance building performance and occupant comfort. Earning this professional credential will enable you to understand the interrelations of everything that goes into the construction of your building, from the materials to recycling plans. Within this holistic perspective, construction teams can make the best decisions to reduce the life cycle costs of construction and improve the user experience.

Who Should Attend and Why?
The LEED AP BD+C credential tells the world that you are an informed leader in the construction of green buildings. Green building leaders design, construct, and optimize new buildings to LEED standards and are active project participants. If you are an architect, general contractor, estimator, or developer this course is for you. Our online and in-person training is the fast-track to professional accreditation. LEED professionals have the confidence and tools to conserve resources, reduce pollution, and improve occupant satisfaction.

About Our LEED AP BD+C In-person Course
This course is tailored to educate professionals in the reference guide content and LEED credit requirements required to pass the accreditation exam. The content is delivered by our expert trainers who have worked on over 400 LEED projects. Participants are encouraged to ask questions. Our goal is for you to pass this exam on the first try, so we provide study methods, study tools, exam-taking skills, and practice questions to boost your confidence. To learn more about our trainers, click here.

The fee also includes the following:

  • Access to 4 × 100 question Practice Tests
  • 11 x 17 Study Guide in a PDF format
  • Access to LEED experts for follow up questions
  • Certificate of Completion

For more information about our classes please contact Dean D’Angelo at: dean.dangelo@gbes.com.