KIPP Strive Primary School


KIPP Metro Atlanta

LEED Certification Level:

 LEED BD+C: New Construction - Pending LEED Gold


Designed for ENERGY STAR of 93

Total Square Feet:


SIG team members that worked on this project:

Scott Baker, Director of Technical Services, PE

Building Address:

1444 Lucile Ave SW

Atlanta, GA 30310

KIPP Strive Primary School

Sustainable Investment Group’s role on this building:

  1. Commissioning Authority

  2. Energy Modeling

Fun Facts

This building upgraded all mechanical and lighting systems while maintaining the project budget. Some of the enhancements include a complete Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) System. This system has a 100% Demand Control Ventilation Energy Recovery System that regulates ventilation air into each classroom based upon CO2 levels, and occupancy sensors throughout to reduce the lighting consumption when occupants are not present.


An education in green technology. When the students at KIPP STRIVE Primary School take their seats in class, they aren’t thinking about the air quality. Yet their school at 1444 Lucile Ave SW in Atlanta, GA monitors and protects them from elevated CO2 levels. Nor are they wondering about the efficiency of their building, even though occupancy sensors control lighting for energy conservation when occupants are not present. Of course, the students at KIPP STRIVE don’t have to worry, because Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) has already taken care of everything for them. The school, launched in July 2012 with 100 kindergarten students, is one of the latest success stories for the Sustainable Investment Group as one of our highlighted LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Project buildings.

Though situated in the heart of historic West End Atlanta, just moments from the Spelman College and Morehouse College campuses, the 45,630 square-foot facility is anything but dated. Through SIG’s involvement with energy modeling and serving as the Commissioning Authority, the facility is a testament to safety and green technology. The Variable Refrigerant Flow System features a 100% Demand Control Ventilation Energy Recovery System which regulates air into each classroom based on built-up CO2 levels. Spearheaded by SIG’s Scott Baker, Director of Technical Services, this protection, along with upgrading all mechanical and lighting systems at the facility, was managed by the Sustainable Investment Group at the $10 million updating budget. In addition, the facility is awaiting its LEED® Gold certification and was designed with an ENERGY STAR rating of 93. No, the KIPP STRIVE Primary School graduating class of 2025 is a bit too busy wondering who to play with at recess and what is on the menu for lunch to concern themselves with their green school. But we have the situation well in hand.