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Gap Analysis and Feasibility Studies

Unsure if you want to dive headfirst into pursuing a building certification? Worried that your project might not meet prerequisites? Interested to get an estimate on what level of certification your project might earn? Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) can help by completing a Gap Analysis and Feasibility Study for your project!


LEED certification is the leading green building program in the United States. LEED BD+C and ID+C focus on new construction, renovations, and fit-outs, while O+M (Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance) focuses on ensuring that building operations are aligned with current green standards, and that energy, water, and waste are managed efficiently throughout the property. LEED certification contains prerequisites, which are required to be met for all projects. Additionally, many clients have internal requirements for what LEED certification level should be earned by their projects. Therefore, SIG offers a Gap Analysis and Feasibility Study service for projects interested in LEED certification for their projects.

This service encompasses a full review of building design and construction, or operations, to evaluate how the building is positioned towards LEED certification. A final report deliverable is issued to the project team that provides information about prerequisite requirements, current status on credits anticipated to be achieved, as well as SIG’s expert recommendations on how to reach a desired level of LEED certification. This Gap Analysis and Feasibility Study is usually completed within four to six weeks.

WELL Certification 

WELL certification is a robust building certification focused on the health and well-being of building occupants. It requires that projects actively manage and test air and water quality, promote healthy eating, support mental health, and provide enriching amenity spaces. Like LEED certification, WELL certification contains preconditions, or features that are required to be met for all projects. The completion of a Gap Analysis and Feasibility Study for WELL certification focuses on ensuring that the project can meet all preconditions. If it is found that a project cannot meet all preconditions, SIG would provide recommendations to assist project teams in meeting the necessary requirements.

While SIG recommends completing a Gap Analysis and Feasibility Study for all project types interested in pursuing WELL certification, they are especially vital for existing buildings considering WELL certification. Evaluating current building systems in the context of WELL certification can give project teams insight into the feasibility of pursuing this rating system, and information about any upgrades that might be necessary to meet all preconditions.

Fitwel Certification

Similar to WELL certification, Fitwel certification is heavily amenity-based and focuses on the individuals coming into the building on a daily basis. Fitwel rewards projects based on proximity to amenities and public transportation, for providing a variety of building amenity spaces, for designing pleasant and safe staircases, and for providing access to safe drinking water and healthy food options. Unlike LEED and WELL certification, Fitwel does not have any required features. However, all projects must earn a minimum of 90 points to earn a Fitwel certification.

A Gap Analysis and Feasibility Study can evaluate a project’s ability earn the minimum of 90 points, as well as estimate the level of certification that might be earned by the project (either one, two, or three stars).

WELL and Fitwel Comparison Studies

WELL and Fitwel certification have similar focuses – they both consider the health and well-being of building occupants. So how can you tell which might be best for your building? SIG offers a Gap Analysis and Feasibility Study that combines both WELL and Fitwel. The study would examine the project’s ability to meet and exceed WELL preconditions, in addition to evaluating the project’s ability to earn a desired level of Fitwel certification. Within this study, one of SIG’s health and wellness focused consultants would provide an overall recommendation based on the analysis within the study. This service is a great option for project teams that are interested in beginning to prioritize health and wellness, but who may not be well versed in the differences between these two programs.

SIG offers Gap Analysis and Feasibility Services at a competitive price. If, after completing a Gap Analysis and Feasibility Study with us, you decide to move forward with pursuing the full certification, the price of our services for the Gap Analysis and Feasibility Study will be subtracted from our full certification service fees! If you are interested in learning more about how this service can be beneficial to your project, contact Asa Posner through email at

For more information about our services, or if you would like to schedule a LEED Exam Prep Class, please contact Asa Posner

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