Robbyn Jacobs

Robbyn Jacobs

Executive Assistant

Location of employee:

Clover, SC

As the Executive Assistant to Brian Bollinger, Head of Communications for Green Building Holdings (GBH), Robbyn expertly handles a myriad of tasks pivotal to daily operations. Her day-to-day includes managing Brian’s calendar, setting up meetings, and ensuring a smooth flow of information to support the consistent voice and branding across GBH’s business units. Robbyn is at the frontline, assisting with special projects and facilitating effective communication between team members, playing a crucial role in sustaining the company’s mission to foster a greener, healthier world. Her dedicated support allows Brian to focus on strategic leadership, fostering innovation and growth in the industry.

Having previously owned and operated her own business for almost 30 years, Robbyn brings a wealth of experience to her role. Notably, she served as President of the Clover Chamber of Commerce, where she organized nationally attended events. Additionally, Robbyn serves as the Assistant Director of the country’s only 501(c)3 Hurricane-specific Swiftwater Rescue organization, highlighting a dedication to humanitarian efforts and crisis management expertise.

Robbyn’s idea of fun is diving headfirst into the eye of hurricanes to rescue those in need during epic weather showdowns. On the lighter side, she’s a die-hard Harry Potter aficionado, proudly pledging to Slytherin house, where cunning and ambition reign supreme.