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A WELL Building Paradigm

logo for WELL AP | Sustainable Investment Group (SIG)Health and wellness are new and important dimensions to high performance building design. The WELL Building Standard is grounded in the understanding that mindful design can avoid the most harmful human health risks from prolonged exposure to indoor environments and the associated conveniences of modern society. The WELL Accredited Professional (AP) designation completes a building designer or manager’s understanding of how buildings can influence health.

WELL Building Standard Training

Now that LEED green buildings are saturating the market, the next horizon is building and operating WELL buildings. Whether you are a property manager supporting a transition for your tenants, or an architect forging a new path, SIG has the tools to help you stay ahead of the curve.

  • 90-120 minute exploratory courses on the new set of metrics
  • In-person WELL AP Training (Exam Prep)

Contact Asa Posner at: asa@sigearth.com to schedule either of those seminars at your location.

WELL AP Training (Exam Prep)

SIG’s WELL AP training dives deep into the human health risks associated with the ‘business as usual mindset.’ A new set of technical components are required for performance verification that may affect routine operations and maintenance. In addition, the standard proposes complimentary design interventions that promote wellness for new and existing buildings.
To pass the WELL AP exam, even the most advanced building professionals need to devote study time towards these complex biological issues.
There are no prerequisites for WELL AP exam eligibility. Exam content is primarily sourced from the WELL Building Standard. SIG’s exam prep training courses break down the unfamiliar rating system into understandable and easy to digest learning modules. Choosing SIG as your training partner can take your professional credentials to the next level.

Participate in a Live WELL Course

SIG is now scheduling classes in your location and out of our Atlanta, GA, Boulder, CO, Minneapolis, MN, New York, NY, and San Francisco, CA offices. Contact Asa Posner at: 612-567-2019 or asa@sigearth.com for pricing based on size of audience.

Access Online WELL Training

Visit our training partner’s site, for online WELL Training classes. Additional resources include flash cards and practice tests.
Download free WELL resources.

About WELL

WELL AP certification | Sustainable Investment GroupThe WELL Building Standard is the newest performance-based building certification available for new construction and existing operations around the world. The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) gathered a team of doctors, scientists, and practitioners to develop and peer review the standard’s performance benchmarks. The standard uses seven concepts to define health and wellness in the built environment.

  • Air
  • Water
  • Nourishment
  • Light
  • Fitness
  • Comfort
  • Mind

How to use WELL

The WELL Building Standard v1.0 was made public in Fall 2014 and the first building was certified in Spring 2016. Read about how TD Bank achieved the world’s first WELL Certification. IWBI has partnered with Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) for third-party certification. GBCI also certifies LEED green building applications and strong efforts were made to synergize the two ratings systems. Three project typologies are available within the WELL Building Standard, and more are developing in pilot stages.

  • New and Existing Buildings
  • New and Existing Interiors
  • Core and Shell
photo of Charlie Cichetti teaching a WELL AP Class
Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) offers WELL AP Exam Prep Classes.