Earth Day: Recommendations for Tenant Engagement

Earth Week Pop Up Banner | Sustainable Investment Group (SIG)Monday, April 22nd, 2019 is the 49th Earth Day. The theme is Protect Our Species

Level 1: Occupant Awareness via Communication:

  • Send an email to tenants each morning of Earth Week with a different tip or trick for living green. SIG can provide additional content if requested.
  • Highlight green projects in the building so that tenants become aware of what property management is doing to be more sustainable. SIG can write case studies if requested.
  • Advertise alternative transportation options and incentives. Work with local partners.
  • Awareness – Banners/posters in lobby. Highlight the building’s green brand by sharing a vision or slogan.
  • Create or engage a green team to be role models for their peers. Great time to acknowledge outstanding tenant-led initiatives.
  • Invite an expert speaker to present on a relevant topic. Contact SIG for more details.
  • Use hashtags in social media: #protectourspecies, #EarthDay2019, and @EarthDayNetwork

Level 2: Occupant Participation in Recycling Drives:

  • Recycle running shoes – collect and take to local Nike store for recycling (all stores collect).
  • Display K-cup recycling boxes, or provide one free box to each tenant (paid for by the Property Manager), to introduce the K-cup recycling program. It’s likely that this one would stick!
  • Electronics from home. Gather in lobby.
  • Paint, and other chemicals – you will need to find local partners. In Atlanta, Global Paint for Charity, collects leftover paint consolidates it, repackages it, and then distributes it to 34 countries and 40 cities in the U.S.

Level 3: Occupant Rewards:

  • Offer a healthy breakfast in the lobby on Earth Day. Educate tenants on how to start their day off right with green juice or tea in lieu of coffee, and fruit (apples) or whole grains (oatmeal) in lieu of sweets pastries (no green doughnuts).
  • Raffle off an “Earth Basket” that has all kinds of Earth Friendly consumer goods, like CFLs, aerators, green seal products, recycles products, and other “green” goods. Tenant has to answer a “green” question right to enter the raffle for the basket prize.

Level 4: Personal Sustainability:

  • Raffle off a package of fitness classes or one free month at a local gym.
  • Host a wellness fair by inviting local partners to host a booth during the lunch hour, include nutritionist, yoga teachers, farmer’s markets, etc.
  • Host a lunchtime walk. Give advance notice to bring their running shoes, and do a mild mile loop near the building to get some exercise into the day. Tenant who has the most participants wins a healthy prize, like salads catered for lunch one day.
  • Invite an expert to host a wellness session in the building.

Level 5: Nature & Community Involvement:

  • Clean up the grounds / street
  • Give out tree saplings
  • Plant a tree on site
  • Volunteer in a community garden
  • Donate money to a local environmental nonprofit. Get tenants to participate by voting on organization and invite a representative to speak about current projects in your area.

Earth Day Celebration | Sanctuary Park | Sustainable Investment Group (SIG)For more help:

Visit: Earth Day Network’s website 

Or contact: Kelsey Alexander
Sustainability Consultant

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