Djamel Boucenna

Djamel Boucenna

Engineering Analyst

Location of employee:

Tempe, AZ

Djamel Boucenna works with SIG’s engineering team as an Engineering Analyst. He supports the Technical Services department with the Commissioning process.

Djamel is currently a rising senior at Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe, Arizona where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He will complete his degree in May of 2024.

Prior to joining SIG, Djamel was an Undergraduate Research Assistant for the Combustion and Electrochemical Power Systems (CEPS) Lab at ASU where he was conducting research in optimizing Energy Storage Systems (ESS) to reduce Discounted Payback Period for commercial and residential buildings.

While practicing for his boxing matches in high school, Djamel discovered a new method to relax and interact with his pet. Following an exhausting workout, he developed a pleasant habit of watching his favorite retro 90’s cartoons, with his pet nearby seeming to enjoy the unique sounds and visuals. This habit has persisted into the current day, as Djamel continues to unwind after exercising, enjoying this activity with his partner and their canine companion while discussing their day.