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Dallas Hardeman

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Dallas | Engineering AnalystEngineering Analyst

Dallas Hardeman is a member of the engineering and ENERGY STAR team at Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) as an Engineering Analyst. His main responsibilities include assisting with commissioning testing, supporting LEED projects and applications through processes like energy audits, while also assisting with indoor environmental quality tests, with things such as indoor air quality. Also, he assists with Energy Star walkthroughs, and the synthesis of the information needed to give a building a specific Energy Star score.

Dallas is in his final year of his undergraduate studies at Kennesaw State University, where he is earning his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Dallas has former experience in the HVAC field with Certified Air Conditioning since the Summer of 2017, where he has worked as an HVAC service tech assistant. In the Fall of 2019, he participated in Kennesaw State’s annual Pumpkin Launch for mechanical engineering students, where he designed and built a 6′ x 6′ x 7′ catapult. Since then, Dallas has been completing classes and has an expected graduation date of May 2022.

In his free time Dallas likes to watch sports, hangout with friends and family, and play video games. He also enjoys listening and playing rock music on his guitar.