Creative Ways We Entertained Others During COVID

At SIG, we collected some of the most creative ways we have entertained our housemates and friends during COVID and then picked three winners, and here are the results. Judges: Dallas Terry (San Francisco office) and Lyndsay Webb (Atlanta office).

toddler helper1st Place Winner
Toddler Helper and Water Table
From Jenn Mahon (Minneapolis office)

Early on I built a “toddler helper” so my son could stand in the kitchen while we were in there to color, play with shaving cream, and use play dough (homemade too!).

I also built a water table which he was obsessed with all summer using some left over lumber and storage bins I found (stores were still closed when I built that!)

water table by Jenn

pots and pans and mom's shoes2nd Place Winner
Shoes, Pots and Pans!
From Jessye Vitier (Atlanta office)

I kept my two year old son busy by giving him full access to my shoe closet and the pots and pans!





3rd Place Winner
Homemade Baked Goods
From Aditya “Bala” Balamuralikrishna (Atlanta office)

home made scones and pita breadI entertained my housemates by making loads of food just because I enjoy the cooking. They ate most of it. I’ve done a lot of baking and just leave what I make on the counter while they eat it over the next few days. Photos of scones and pita bread.

Zoom Games and Virtual Trivia Games
From Charlie Cichetti (Atlanta office)

1. if you need to distance: free trivia or other games or zoom games with friends and virtual trivia games against couples
2. if you are meeting up maybe go outside for a hike

Emmas's dog NolaVisits to Fields with my Dog
From Emma Maltos (Atlanta office)

We would take my dog, Nola, to find different fields she can run through. She loves to chase butterflies and sprint with my dad.

Watched College Football Outdoors and Virtual Trivia Nights
From Michael Freidman (Atlanta office)

When it comes to entertaining, we have not been gathering very frequently because of COVID, we have done a few outdoor days watching college football on a projector screen with friends and a fire.

What was very popular was doing virtual trivia nights. Every week one of our friends would create a whole slide deck of trivia questions, just like you would do at a bar or restaurant, and each week the host changes. It has been a very fun way to keep some normalcy, as my friends and I always would play trivia once a week out at a restaurant or a bar.

Day Trips and Day Hikes
From Kathy Grawe (Atlanta office)

Serenbe Community | Arabia Mountain TrailEntertaining for me is now mainly outdoor activities with friends, taking day trips and hikes around the Atlanta area. Some of our outdoor adventures included day trips to Serenbe, a planned community in Chattahoochee Hills, GA; Warm Springs, GA; and Dahlonega, GA as well as hikes to Arabia Mountain Trail, Cochran Mill Park, and others. Also trips to the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Gibbs Gardens. We packed a picnic lunch and brought our folding chairs and enjoyed our outdoor meals and visits. Photos of Serenbe (left) and the covered bridge at Arabia Mountain Trail (right).

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