Connor Offutt

Connor Offutt

Senior Operations Manager of Technology

Location of employee:

Atlanta  |  Boulder  |  Los Angeles  |  Minneapolis  |  New York  |  San Francisco | Washington, D.C.


As Senior Operations Manager of Technology for Sustainable Investment Group (SIG), Connor Offutt works across different departments to imagine and bring to life new technologies and innovations. His focus is to bring new products to the table that will not only help the SIG team, but the clients that we serve, and push those ideas forward by managing a team of technical experts.


Connor grew up going to a Russian public school in Kazakhstan, and was homeschooled for a period of time in Thailand before he pursued a Bachelor’s in Business Management at Colorado State University. After some time at CSU, he decided to leave college to pursue his career as an entrepreneur.


Connor is passionate about disrupting markets and creating new innovative companies, from nutritional supplements to technology development. However, Connor’s most significant passion is high performance sports, and he is the founder of Titan Tennis Academy, which he has been growing for the past 7 years. In 2020, Connor was hired part time by GBES to develop new green building courses. His position at GBES landed him a full time position as Senior Operations Manager of Technology at SIG.


Connor enjoys spending time on the court with the students he coaches, and is passionate about turning those students into accomplished young adults on and off the court. When he is not on the courts or working with the SIG team, he enjoys spending time with his wife, his three sons, and his giant dog.