Chandler Medford

Chandler Medford

Engineering Analyst

Location of employee:

Boone, North Carolina

Chandler Medford works with SIG’s engineering team as an Engineering Analyst. He assists the team with LEED, ENERGY STAR, and energy auditing projects for new and existing buildings and commissioning projects. Some of his responsibilities include assisting with LEED certification documentation, ENERGY STAR documentation, commissioning documentation, energy auditing assistance, and assistance with existing building walkthroughs.

Prior to working with SIG, Chandler was a kitchen manager in a pizza restaurant while in college. He has also been a part of the Appalachian State University Renewable Energy Initiative for over two years and has been a board member for a year. Chandler’s family ran a residential construction business for many years, where he worked during the summers growing up before going to college in 2016.

Chandler is a Senior at Appalachian State University, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Technology. He is minoring in philosophy as well.

In his free time, Chandler enjoys watching and playing sports. In the winter, he enjoys snowboarding; in the warmer months, he enjoys golf, swimming, and playing basketball. Being from North Carolina, he is very passionate about the sports teams therein, along with the Atlanta Braves. Outside of sports Chandler enjoys spending time with his three cats, reading, and being outdoors. Chandler has also recently taken up the interest and hobby of doing gas-to-electric conversions in vehicles.