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Earth and Climate Documentaries

June 21, 2021

Earth and Climate Documentaries You Should Watch This Summer (Or Anytime!) By Grace Wang Sustainability Analyst Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) When it is hot outside and the only thing you want (or can do) is sit indoors and stay out of the heat, putting on a documentary is one of many ways to pass the […]
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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in 10 Minutes or Less

May 17, 2021

By Jackson Pentz, Sustainability Analyst Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) Whether you enjoy reading in a Brooklyn studio, or catching waves in San Diego, skiing in the Rockies, or gaming with your friends, everyone relies on the environment to support their favorite activities. Yet, with the rapid pace of modern life, many Americans are left to […]
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Circular Fashion Instead of Fast Fashion

February 8, 2021

By Libby Dunne Sustainability Consultant LEED Green Associate, Fitwel Ambassador Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) We have all done it. You see an ad online for a t-shirt with a fun catch phrase or an image of your favorite animal. The shipping only takes 2 days, and best of all, it’s only $10! So, without knowing […]
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Gen Z Makes Sustainability Important for All Businesses

August 10, 2020

By Calvin Furbee Sustainability Analyst Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) As the economy becomes dominated by the younger generations, sustainability matters more than ever. Generation Z, which includes everyone born after 1996, will make up the largest portion of the U.S. population and economy in the coming years. Being exposed to the internet and modern technology […]
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Healthy Food Promotion in Green Buildings

July 27, 2020

By Libby Dunne Sustainability Analyst Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) Americans spend an average of 90% of their time indoors. Therefore, the indoor environment in which people spend most of their time (at home and at work) should be conducive to good health. One of the core building blocks for overall health is healthy eating. Healthy […]
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Electric Vehicles: Then, Now, and Where We Are Going

October 7, 2019

By Danielle Crownover Sustainability Analyst Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) Then: The Emerging Market The electric car and concept of the electric motor is much older than you may imagine. Try and take a guess when the first electric vehicle hit the road in the United States. Did you guess 1890? If so, amazing, hats off […]
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Sustainability in Personal & Company Travel

September 23, 2019

By Truc Vu Engineering Analyst LEED Green Associate Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) According to Deloitte’s 2019 US Travel and Hospital Outlook Report, this past decade showed a tremendous rise in the US travel industry (1). Technological advancements in combination with the economy’s expansion make travel more accessible, cheap, and efficient, allowing consumers to spend more […]
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The Need for Urban Agriculture

July 8, 2019

By Ali LoPiccolo Marketing Intern Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) The trending inclination to dwell in the city, coupled with the evolution of the food system, has landed us at a crossroads. Global population continues to rise, and the rural farming landscape is under immense pressure to keep up. In the United States, those who are […]
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Sustainable Practices in National Parks

May 13, 2019

By Daniel Weisman Sustainability Analyst Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) The National Park Service Since its founding in 1916, the National Park Service (NPS) has been a leader in the protection of natural resources at over four hundred parks across the United States. National parks are home to many of the world’s most fascinating creatures. Within […]
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The Oakland EcoBlock Project: Sustainable Building Practices and Community Design

April 29, 2019

By Katie Robinson Engineering Analyst Intern Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) The Reason for the Oakland EcoBlock Project Industrial and technological advancements have led to rapid population growth and subsequent urbanization. Cities in the United States now contain over 80% of the country’s population. Forty percent of the United States’ greenhouse gas emissions stem from buildings, […]
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