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AtmosAir Ionization Technology

April 19, 2021

By Jackson Pentz, Sustainability Analyst Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) Edited by Ariana Nieves Since March 2020, businesses, property managers, and households alike have been looking for ways to ensure the healthy habitation of indoor spaces.  While the Covid-19 pandemic exposed numerous weaknesses in global supply chains, business practices, and behavioral patterns, it also inspired a […]
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The Future of Refrigerants

July 13, 2020

By Farid Nat Engineering Analyst Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) Now that we have discussed the problems involved with a variety of popular refrigerants, as well as the international regulations put in place to reduce the use of these harmful refrigerants, there is still one main question remaining: What’s next for refrigerants? If refrigerants are vital […]
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Refrigerants and Climate Change

June 29, 2020

By Farid Nat Engineering Analyst Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) When scientists first began testing refrigeration systems in the mid-1800’s, nobody suspected that this technology would have impacts on people’s daily lives for years to come, but they may have an even more significant role today. In fact, the need for refrigerants and access to air […]
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Indoor Air Quality in the Office and at Home

June 29, 2017

By Delaney Sondag Sustainability Analyst A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the air outdoors (EPA, n.d.). This is the case even in the largest and most industrialized cities. An average American spends 90 percent of his or her time indoors […]
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How Green Buildings Reduce Carbon Dioxide 

April 10, 2017

As the serious consequences of climate change have been better understood by modern climate models, focus has rested on the reduction in overall carbon dioxide emissions. While the effects of carbon dioxide on the climate are taught in most schools in the United States, and the pictures of the so-called “greenhouse effect” on climate are […]
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Green Buildings Mitigate Climate Change

November 15, 2016

By Alex Shim Sustainability Analyst Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) To begin, I think it is important to clearly define and understand the difference between weather and climate as well as climate change and global warming. Weather is the day-to-day conditions of a certain place; for example, it is raining today. Climate is the average weather […]
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The 2030 Carbon Emissions Tax

February 22, 2016

Reducing carbon emissions around the world is important policy and many nations have agreed to cut carbon emissions by 30 percent by the year 2030. The EPA rolled out the Clean Power Plan (CPP) last year to help electric power generators, the largest producers of greenhouse gas emissions (primarily carbon dioxide), by 30 percent by […]
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Why Air Quality Concerns You

February 8, 2016

Air quality isn’t just nice to have at work, school, or home. Many Americans have heard about Sick Building Syndrome for years, but most building owners do nothing—or don’t know what to do to rectify—their sick building. The number of circulating chemical toxins, including formaldehyde, flame-retardants, and VOCs, are known to affect human health. The […]
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