Carbon Tracking

Building professionals have had access to a variety of tools over the years to track sustainability efforts associated with their buildings’ operation and maintenance. More recently, the embodied carbon of the building materials themselves has become more widely tracked as well.

But what about the construction process itself?

For some buildings, this process can take years, using massive amounts of energy and water and generating millions of tons of construction waste. However, there hasn’t been a tool available in the marketplace designed specifically to track and score the sustainability of that process – until now.

TrueCarbon tracks your construction site energy use, water use, and waste generation and disposal practices. Because construction is an inherently intensive process, TrueCarbon doesn’t solely focus on how much of each of those things your site uses or generates – rather, it focuses on how sustainable your practices are for procurement, use, and disposal.

Those metrics feed into your TrueCarbon Score. The TrueCarbon Score is a 1-100 evaluation of your construction site’s overall sustainability. It factors in your renewable energy (including purchased, generated on-site, and renewables from your local grid), your water sources, and your waste disposal practices. It also accounts for any purchased offsets (carbon, electricity, and water).

Each individual site receives a score, and those metrics also roll up to the corporate level to generate a TrueCarbon Score for your organization as a whole. The tool will also be able to account for a variety of other ESG metrics and goals, including the Building Green Contractor’s Commitment and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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