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Sustainable Investment Group’s carbon neutrality studies offer a detailed evaluation of a facility’s ability to achieve net zero carbon status and identify cost effect pathways to achieve it. The process begins with a detailed benchmarking analysis of a facility’s existing or anticipated carbon footprint, which is then forecast out to the target year to achieve carbon neutrality. From there an intensive load reduction analysis commences where SIG will explore various feasible ways that the facility can reduce its energy loads, including the potential to completely electrify the building. This may include recommended ASHRAE level I & II audits, RCx and/or energy modeling scopes depending on the specifics of the building in question. Once all feasible options have been explored and exhausted SIG will evaluate the potential for onsite renewables to cover as much of the remaining load as possible. If the project is a new build SIG can also provide an embodied carbon assessment of the building’s construction materials and a whole building life cycle assessment. Finally, SIG will assess for various potential offsite strategies that the owner can buy in to with a preference for more local or regional options such as community solar, but also review the potential for VPPAs, RECs and Carbon Offsets. Once all recommended measures have been implemented and the facility has been operating successfully for 1 year at net zero carbon; SIG can help the building to certify as a Net Zero Carbon facility under one of the top industry certification frameworks. The final report deliverable is a complete blue print for the facility to achieve carbon neutrality by a specified future date, including estimated costs, savings, ROI and a timeline for recommended capital and operational improvements in line with planned strategic budgets.

Carbon Neutrality Service Overview:

  1. Baseline Carbon Footprint Analysis & Forecast
  2. Load Reduction Analyses
  3. Embodied Carbon Assessment (for new construction projects)
  4. Onsite Renewables Assessment
  5. Offsite Strategies Assessment
  6. Net Zero Carbon Certification

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