ENERGY STAR Battle of the Buildings is Underway!

BattleOfTheBuildings_blog_imageLet the Games Begin! Buildings Nationwide Battle for Top Energy Efficiency Title

Energy efficiency is a top concern for commercial and consumer interests alike, and no wonder: billions of dollars pour into energy costs nationwide every year. That means that cutting back on energy requirements and “Going Green” helps to save the environment, and keep money in your pockets. This year, the US Environmental Protection Agency is launching its fourth annual Battle of the Buildings, a competition that will highlight the energy-saving efforts of over 3,000 different buildings.

Sustainable Investment Group’s client Paramount Group is going for the gold this year, with five building entries that total up to nearly eight million square feet of property. That’s a lot of space to play with when it comes to energy efficiency! These five buildings are standing up with some of the nation’s most iconic properties, including Busch Stadium, to take a stand against climate change and help cut energy costs by millions of dollars–savings that will help each of these businesses better serve their clients and customers, definitely a win-win situation.



Here’s the full roster of entries for Paramount Group:

  • 1301 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY – 2,043,271 SF
  • 1325 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY- 898,743 SF
  • 1633 Broadway, New York, NY – 2,837,932 SF
  • 1899 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC – 205,741 SF
  • One Market Plaza, San Francisco, CA – 1,855,327 SF

Companies across the country have been competing in the Battle of the Buildings since 2010, and have already raked in billions of dollars of energy savings. They also cut out the equivalent of 43,000 homes’ worth of greenhouse gas emissions in last year’s competition alone! The EPA runs this contest annually to help businesses find ways to aid the environment and save on costs simultaneously, and Paramount Group is ready to compete.

Dedication will be key: these five properties are up against competitors from all fifty states, plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. They’ll have to get creative about replacing equipment, and training building occupants on new energy-saving strategies, to bring home the big prize!

The EPA has been working hard to improve the ways that ordinary homes and businesses can cut back on greenhouse gas emissions, making more options available, and saving the general public money at the same time. Commercial Buildings account for about 20% of energy consumption in the United States, it’s time to take responsibility for our environmental impact, and our own Paramount Group is showing serious engagement by leading the charge with Battle of the Buildings. Join us in cheering them on this year, and track their progress at the official Battle of the Buildings Twitter feed!

You can learn more about the Battle of the Buildings here.

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