Atlanta TSPLOST vote July 31 2012

There is a lot to love about Atlanta; our temperate climate with four distinct seasons, professional sports teams, trees and parks. However there are two issues that most Atlantans can agree make

Our city can be a little inhospitable at times: traffic and high cost of water/sewer. Luckily, this summer all of metro Atlanta has the opportunity to make progress towards alleviating our traffic woes.

Georgia Voter
Vote for the Changes You Want to See (or keep).

Get out and vote July 31st 2012.

Why do I care? As a resident of urban Atlanta-my home is a quarter mile from the Beltline – my favorite initiatives are of course:

a) supporting the Beltline

b) adding more Bike Lanes

c) expanding MARTA heavy rail farther north.

The best part of this plan is that even if you don’t live downtown or use public transit, you will most likely still benefit from this massive project list through a 285, I-20, or arterial road improvement.

Read for yourself, tell your friends, and most importantly, VOTE!

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