America Recycles At Work Too!

photo of bldg tenant recycling a cell phone
The tenants at 31 West 52nd Street in Manhattan help support America Recycles Day by donating their old cell phones.

Corporate recycling programs are an efficient way to conserve resources and raise awareness around environmental protection programs such as America Recycles Day on November 15, 2014. In addition to promoting recycling efforts for individual households and businesses, the sponsors of this program are also offering great prizes for the best recycling selfies posted to social networking sites. The national corporate recycling movement has encouraged many local businesses to effectively increase recycling and conservation efforts.

The Paramount Group, who implements ideas from Sustainable Investment Group (SIG), likes to make the time to raise awareness of the many benefits of recycling. This week they are hosting a major benefit, from November 10-14th 2014, in their 31 West 52nd Street lobby. Staff will collect plastic shopping bags, co-mingled recyclables (glass, plastic, aluminum), books, blue jeans, cell phones, and tablets from the building’s tenants. Participating tenants are not only recycling unwanted items but also helping out in another big way. All items collected during the week will be donated directly to shelters throughout New York City. Whether business leaders are planning a large-scale event or implementing new recycling measures into their daily routine, there are many innovative ways to ensure a corporate recycling program is successful.

Engaging Employees

photo of 5 recycling bins for America Recycles Day | November 15, 2014Many employees who recycle at home may be reluctant to participate in workplace programs. Fun incentives and reminders help employees realize the potential impact they can have on the environment by taking small steps to recycle at work, such as rinsing out soda and juice containers before recycling. Clearly labeled receptacles for trash and recyclables make it easy for employees to make a conscious decision to recycle. Battery receptacles placed in prominent places such as lobbies can be forwarded to recycling companies when full. Leaders who prefer a more direct approach can inform employees that waste audits are routinely preformed in large office complexes to ensure that recycling efforts are productive.

photo of a pop-up banner for America Recycles Day

Training Employees

To encourage employees to recycle, post clear instructions. A simple list of recyclable items near the receptacle is a good starting point to let employees know which items can be recycled and where they should be placed. Housekeeping and facilities maintenance staff should be trained to use only clear bags for recycling containers and other bags for trash receptacles. This crucial factor ensures that items are not mixed up, which could contaminate recycling contents. On-site composting efforts are becoming popular, and appropriate employees should be properly trained before use.

Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) practices an outstanding internal waste management program in a natural daylight office in their LEED Platinum headquarters in Atlanta, GA. One of SIG’s experts can assist with tailoring and organizing an effective workplace recycling program for your company. They can also answer questions about how and where to recycle styrofoam and what options may be available to conserve other resources. SIG also offers ENERGY STAR Certifications and Waste Audits that help increase energy savings that in turn can significantly impact the bottom line.