3 Reasons Solar Power is Still the Next Big Thing

photo of a house with solar panels
As energy prices rise, homeowners look for ways to keep utility costs down. Solar panels for your home offer many benefits including a 30% tax credit from the government.

If any of our current industries were to collapse, the power industry would be the most likely candidate. Our current fuel sources are finite, which means prices will rise continuously as supplies decrease until the system collapses completely.

In recent years alternative green energy solutions have gained traction. Solar panels are springing up on roofs in neighborhoods across the country as more people become educated on the benefits of solar power. Here are 3 reasons to go solar now:

1. Solar Panels Offer a Phenomenal ROI

The Federal Government offers a 30% tax credit to homeowners who go solar, which covers a significant portion of the initial cost.

Your short-term ROI comes from your price per kilowatt being lower with solar than with traditional energy. Your real savings come over the long-term when your solar panels start generating more energy than you use. When this happens the electricity company buys the surplus power and you start to generate revenue off of your panels. Some solar companies even offer leasing options that involve no upfront costs, which makes solar an affordable option for thousands of Americans.

2. Solar Contributes to a Sustainable Future

The sun is literally an unlimited and untapped resource of free energy. No mining or transportation costs are involved since panels are all that is needed to receive the energy. If every structure in America went solar, we would eliminate our dependence on foreign oil and significantly reduce the soaring energy costs that plague the nation.

We won’t run out of fossil fuels tomorrow, but the world of our children and grandchildren has a very real possibility as being the generation that dries up oil wells for good.

3. Solar Offers You Peace of Mind

Going solar not only saves you money, but reducing your carbon footprint makes you feel great. You get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are doing your part to shift America towards a sustainable future.

You also get to relax knowing you are immune from the volatile price hikes imposed by electric companies, which will only get worse as supplies dwindle. Peace of mind is something that simply doesn’t have a price tag.

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